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When effectively and ethically managed, intellectual property (IP) can be a powerful tool: IP can both accelerate the development of lifesaving, poverty-alleviating innovations and facilitate access for those living in the developing world. The IP Handbook constitutes an authoritative, comprehensive, and practical reference on IP management and best practices. The resource is invaluable for anyone seeking to use IP strategically to enhance economic growth and equitably distribute innovative technologies.

Intellectual Property Management
in Health and Agricultural Innovation:

A Handbook of Best Practices

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And it is distributed free of charge
thanks to many donors

  • The Rockefeller Foundation (USA)
  • The Kauffman Foundation (USA)
  • the African Agricultural Technology Foundation (Kenya)
  • the Association of University Technology Managers (USA)
  • Burrill & Company (USA)
  • The CGIAR
  • Gobierno de Chile (Fundacion para la innovation agraria INNOVO-CORFO)
  • Cornell University (USA)
  • CropLife International (USA)
  • dcvmn (India)
  • Dynamic Diagrams (USA)
  • Franklin Pierce Law Center (USA)
  • Innovation Fund (South Africa)
  • ipn International Policy Network (UK)
  • IRRI, the International Rice Research Institute (Philippines)
  • Kirkhouse Trust (South Africa)
  • Sathguru Management (India)
  • Thomson-SHore Publishing (USA)
  • TDR
  • WIPO (Geneva)
    among many others…

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